Top 10 Best Things About Good Realtors

Top 10 Best Things About Good Realtors

I had a bit of fun when I wrote Top 10 Realtor Pet Peeves About Other Realtors a few years back. Today, let’s get sunny and positive and talk about the really good things that great Realtors do!

Top 10 Best Things About Good Realtors

So without further ado, how about we jump right in!

#10 Realtors who make sure their listing has plenty of photos

Listing with just one phot. Best Things About Good Realtors
It’s not right, it’s simply not. One photo? You’re that busy?!

Why would we want to waste time visiting a property that simply won’t work for our clients? You know how you can really help us?

Get plenty of photos online!

There aren’t restrictions any more and it’s not difficult. Good agents have at least 25 images on every listing. It’s just the right thing to do.

#9 Realtors who send feedback for every showing

Good Realtors will send feedback every time. It’s part of the reciprocal trust that everyone in our profession should subscribe to.

Of course, it’s not mandatory. You won’t get “in trouble” if you don’t do it. But it does mean the Realtor is either lazy or not very nice. Don’t be that guy or gal.

#8 Realtors who choose their clients over the deal

The temptation is there to do what’s best for yourself over your client. I get that. But it’s wrong on a couple of levels.

First, you have a fiduciary responsible to your client as their agent to do what’s best for them, not you. Second, Realtors that put their agent first will win out in the long run. Treat people the way you want to be treated and you’ll be far more successful.

#7 Realtors who actually respond promptly

I understand there are times when you simply can’t respond quickly. You might be in the middle of showing other clients homes or in the middle of an emergency with a teenage child who can’t get her hair to “look right.”

But these days, we have multiple ways to communicate. Phone, email, text, Facebook and the list goes on. There’s simply no excuse for not responding same day, especially if the matter is important. Good Realtors always respond promptly.

#6 Realtors who understand the laws and rules of real estate

How many of us have had our most frustrating deals be with agents who are either ignorant of the laws or are trying to skirt them. Great Realtors understand the rules and use them consistently.

If things really starting going off the rails, the best course of action might be to bring your Broker in to handle it. That’s why they get paid the big bucks. Am I right?

#5 Realtors who understand that even their own clients can be wrong

Sometimes it is difficult to see this one play out. Just because a Realtor is required to work in the best interest of their client, doesn’t mean that the client can be making some poor choices.

Earning money on a sale may not be worth the drop in your reputation that will happen if you are working with a client who is trying to be shady. Maybe they aren’t breaking any laws but simply trying to take advantage of a loophole. Good Realtors see that it is happening, remain calm and respond professionally.

#4 Realtors who complete their listing details accurately

Photo of hard working agent. Best Things About Good Realtors
The best real estate agents are diligent real estate agents. 

There are times when it isn’t the listing agent who completes the forms or even enters the info into the computer but rather an assistant in their office. But even so, great Realtors will double check everything. This will happen even when they are swamped to make sure all the facts are checked. It’s what separates the good agents from the great ones.

#3 Realtors who are upbeat and positive

Isn’t everything better when people are positive? It’s no different in the world of real estate. We all know people who want the best for one another and chances are… we love those people.

When a deal goes south and there is blood in the water, one of the best things about good Realtors is that they remain positive and chart the best course through the problem at hand. At the very worst, there are always other homes to buy or other buyers to sell to.

#2 Realtors who understand their is life outside of work

If real estate is your life, you might want to expand your horizons. People are what is important in this world, not money or the things money can buy. Take time to give grace to people who hurting or making mistakes. Maybe they just have something very difficult going on in their life right now.

#1 Realtors who remain calm and professional

I’ve hit on this a couple of times in other points but this one is it he most important in my book. Almost every problem can be worked through. And… it can be worked through more easily if the people on all sides are calm and professional.

Don’t add extra layers of bad feelings to the situation with harsh words. We should all keep our wits about us because in the end, that’s what good Realtors do.

How Fast Are Homes Selling in My Area

Photo of people exchanging home keys.
Homes are selling extremely fast in our current market.

So, you want to know how fast are homes selling in my area? Well, if you live here in Louisville, KY I can tell you. Otherwise, you’ll have to continue searching my friend.

Even better, I will give you more! I won’t just give you an easy-to-find, city wide metric. Nor will I used generalized terms like “blazingly fast” but instead, I’ll give you the up-to-the-minute raw data. Yeah, I’m pretty much a data nerd. 😉

But since I’m a nice nerd, I’ll give you this information first, for free. Secondly, I’ll also give it to you in picture form and then also the raw data. I aim to please.

So let’s go!

How Fast Are Homes Selling in My Area

Here’s that chart I promised. Each circle represents a Louisville ZIP code. The larger the circle, the larger the geographic area of that ZIP. Nifty, eh?

Map of Louisville Days on Market Heat Map CDoM by ZIP Code - April 2017
Isn’t this map great?! Those are the average number of days it took to sell homes in each ZIP. Our market has never been this fast! (Well, maybe not never but as far back as any records I can find.)

As you can tell from the heatmap, there are only a few ZIP codes in all of Louisville where home sales are slow. But there are a lot where homes are flying off the shelves!

For example, check out 40217. This area is located due east of the University of Louisville, inside the Watterson Expressway and south of Germantown. These inexpensive homes, when available, are selling on average in just 10 days. That’s ridiculous really. Can you say, “hot market”?

How about 40056? This highly sought after area is called Pewee Valley. It’s just across the line in Oldham County. Homes aren’t nearly as affordable but that isn’t stopping buyers. This ZIP averages just 11 days in April 2017.

If you have a home in these hot areas, now is the time to sell.

Louisville Days on Market by ZIP Code

Now for all you number crunchers, here’s the raw data. I also kept last April’s value in there for comparison. Most areas sped up but a few slowed a bit.

ZIP Code April 2017 April 2016
40014 52 112
40023 73 51
40025 0 0
40056 11 47
40059 96 126
40118 52 63
40202 118 94
40203 18 39
40204 70 39
40205 41 60
40206 56 107
40207 49 71
40208 44 136
40210 169 209
40211 87 108
40212 155 101
40213 52 81
40214 52 103
40215 77 68
40216 85 102
40217 10 64
40218 60 63
40219 23 61
40220 15 63
40222 66 96
40223 37 95
40228 20 47
40229 41 47
40241 44 58
40242 34 40
40243 39 26
40245 89 117
40258 43 52
40272 71 79
40291 23 96
40299 36 71

So there you have it. Our Louisville real estate market is piping hot!

If you want more specific info regarding “How Fast Are Homes Selling in My Area” for example, your neighborhood, please contact me and I’ll get that for you. I’m always happy to help!

8 Traits of the Most Successful Real Estate Agents

Photo of most successful real estate agents
Most successful real estate agents have these 8 traits.

Now that I’ve been in “the business” for almost a dozen years, I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes the most successful real estate agents. There are other factors as well, but these traits come first.

Get these down and you’re well on your way to real estate success!

#1 Trustworthy

Most real estate business is through word of mouth. True story. So, when someone asks their friend, “Do you know a good Realtor?” Only those that had great experiences with their trusted Realtor, will enthusiastically share that agent’s name.

Because it’s such an important transaction in anyone’s life, the stakes are high! During the process, buyers and sellers will quickly come to know if the agent they selected is trustworthy. Are they working on behalf of their client? Or, out for themselves?

A portion of this trait (and why it’s so very important) is honesty. A trustworthy Realtor knows when he’s too busy and refers new clients to quality agents who have more bandwidth. A dishonest Realtor will accept all clients and give all of them poor service.

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Most Expensive Louisville Homes in 2016

During the course of 2016, there were 17,882 properties sold via our MLS system. 15,725 of these were your standard, single-family residences (SRF)… the rest fall under different structural varieties.

Out of this vast array of Louisville real estate properties, just 44 sold for $1,000,000 or more. 34 of these most expensive Louisville homes were SFRs, then 6 farms, 3 condos and 1 controversial property finally sold via auction.

For this piece, let’s focus on the most incredible homes that traded hands last year. Who’s with me? Want to know which was the most expensive home sold in 2016? Here we go!

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8 Things Home Inspectors Won’t Tell You

Things Home Inspectors Won’t Tell You
Talk is cheap but what really matters when it comes to home inspectors? [Photo credit: Home Water Softener Reviews]
Buying a new home is a big deal, right? Definitely!
Buyer’s need to get a home inspection. Of course.

But wait! What about all the things home inspectors won’t tell you? That’s what you have me for my friends. Let’s get started!

1. “Never buy a home without a home inspection.”

Honestly, getting a home inspection is the right thing to do… most of the time. Whoa, wait a second Tre, why wouldn’t it always be the right thing to do?!

I’m glad you asked, here’s why.

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Kentucky Population Changes: Where Do We Come From?

Photo of a Welcome to Kentucky sign | Kentucky Population Changes

Thoughts come to me from all directions. No seriously, out of the ether. They also arrive at all times, even when I’m sleeping. I’ll dream of showing crazy homes to my clients, or building a new house with my wife or practically anything.

The other day I thought, “I wonder if the Internet knows where most of the people who are living here in Kentucky came from?”

Sure enough, that information is out there, if you hunt for it.

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27 Things Your Realtor Won’t Tell You

Well, well, well. What have we here? 27 things your Realtor won’t tell you?!

This couldn’t possibly be one of those “behind the scenes,” tell-all posts that I hear so much about? Well, yes… that’s exactly what it is.

“But Tre! I thought you were one of those honest agents that treats clients the way you want to be treated?!?”

Never fear, that hasn’t changed. What I’m about to share is what I’ve seen and heard throughout my career. The good news for you is that, once you’ve read this piece, you’ll be armed and dangerous. No more surprises for you, no sir.

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How to Avoid the Stress of Buying and Selling a House

Stress out | How to Avoid the Stress of Buying and Selling a House
You don’t have to get stressed out when buying your new home! Learn how to avoid the stress of buying and selling a house and you’ll have a much better experience.

Can I get real for a moment? Yes?! Thanks a bunch!

Stress kills. It really does. Avoiding stress should be something all of us should be thinking about. Honestly, we can’t avoid all stress, but reducing it… that we can do. And I’m here to help!

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Find the Best Real Estate Agent in Louisville KY

Bit of a bait with that title but stick with me. I’m going to show you how to find the best real estate agent in Louisville with just five easy steps! It’s definitely doable.

First off, how many licensed real estate agents are in Louisville? Well, I used to know. But then our local association changed platforms and now it’s not public. (At least any place I can find.)

It used to be about 3,800 or so. That’s a big number right? How can we pare that down?!

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