The Internet’s 8,253,047th Blog

I have several blogs already. I have a personal one where I live under an alias and talk about anything and everything that pops into my mind. That place is hardly contains professional material; more, it’s just the fun and amazing things I come across.

Then there’s which I started back in 2006 to focus on real estate news and advice for home buyers and sellers. Specifically targeting Louisville, Kentucky, this site gives unbiased information about trends and such without much self promotion at all.

Next comes which has an even more narrow focus… the community in which I live. I basically just update this site monthly with data about sold properties. Of course, all active listings for Springhurst can be found on my personal site.

So with all this, why would I need yet another Web site?

What I’m thinking, and feel free to tell me I’m crazy, is that I need a place to tell my stories—my everyday dealings with clients. I’ve had some great clients who keep me up-to-date and appreciate all my hard work. And I’ve had my share of crazies. It’s these kinds of stories that I’ll put on this blog.

Plus! If you have any specific questions, I’ll try to entertain those here as well.

But it’s very informal so please… take your shoes off, grab an ice cold beverage and sit back… we’re all friends here.