Whatever Happened to Loyalty

I understand that we live in a capitalistic society. I’m a huge fan of competition. But lately I’m wondering what could have happened to the concept of loyalty. Not necessarily “brand” loyalty, but people loyalty.

Maybe it’s my own psychological makeup because once I find something that works, I prefer to keep using it. Am I alone here?

Case in point—Realtors work for buyers and sellers all the time. With sellers we have a contract that both parties agree to and are (for the most part) bound by so both are bound to one another in good faith. With buyers? Not so much.

There are such things as Buyer’s Broker Agreements but these documents are rarely used. Why? Because most of the time, agents are in such need of new business that they don’t propose using the agreement for fear of driving off the potential client.

I recently had a client that I had provided service for who sent me an email to let me know that he was going to stop using me and start using another agent. Of course, I was frustrated because of the time and energy I had used helping this person try and accomplish their real estate goals.

His reason for ditching me had nothing to do with my references, prompt service, honesty in communicating home values, or dozens of emails and phone calls… he just wanted to work with an agent who currently lives where he’s looking to buy. The time I had devoted to him apparently meant little.

Loyalty is an endangered species.

Maybe I should give that Buyer’s Broker Agreement another thought…