Relocation Is the Name of My Game

Louisville must be more popular than I thought. I mean, I know it’s a great city but maybe all the media reports that seem to look down on our country’s heartland have influenced me.

Clients relocating to Louisville make up a big portion of my real estate business. I’ll be showing homes to three groups of clients just this weekend. So to better serve those contemplating a move to our fair city, I finished updating my Relocation Guides.

Here’s the starting point, followed by pages for Attractions, Schools and Utilities. Adding descriptions to each entry gives visitors more information to work with. Then, I built an all-in-one page with just the links that I’ve aptly titled The Complete Louisville Relocation Guide. Catchy huh?

I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Louisville’s Best Relocation Guide Gets Even Better

If you haven’t seen my Louisville Relocation Guide, you’ve missed out on a lot of great content and resources. It’s not just the usually list of Attractions and City Parks. Sure, those are there, but I’ve also created a page with all the Utility Companies, Airports and other Transportation and Public Safety links like the police and fire departments.

There’s even a page with links to all of Louisville’s Public and Private Schools!

Bookmark it for future reference and if I’ve left something off, please let me know. Cheers!