Best Louisville Neighborhoods: Starter Homes (Part 1 of 3)

Since 2007, my Best Louisville Neighborhoods section of the website has been highly praised by both clients and local real estate professionals. I truly appreciate this because it’s been a labor of love. It’s not password protected. I don’t ask you for your email to see it. It’s simply the best of its kind in the city of Louisville, Kentucky. Now, I’m going to highlight all the great content located within by looking at the best neighborhoods in Louisville for starter homes, mid-level homes, and luxury homes.

Let’s get started!

Best Starter Home Neighborhoods in Louisville

So, what exactly is a starter home? As you’ve probably guessed, a starter home is the first home anyone buys. Whether they are buying the house as an individual, as a couple or already have a family with children. These are the least expensive homes available. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great options for Louisville home buyers!

Keep in mind that there are a large number of great options that aren’t listed below. Certain starter home neighborhoods are just so small that they don’t have active listings at any given point. My home buying clients get all the best options, no matter which neighborhood a home might be in. But as far as the best homes for first-time buyers, this list is pretty awesome. I believe you will see why!


There are many home styles in Jeffersontown. Here you see a darling Cape Cod style home.

Jeffersontown is actually a city, not a neighborhood but at the end of the day, does it really matter? There are some great starter homes located in what locals call “JTown.” It’s actually one of Louisville’s largest neighborhoods. It’s full of both residential neighborhoods, retail spaces, even parks and golf courses. Located in the southeast portion of Jefferson County, it resides in MLS Area 7. The average sale prices for a home in Jeffersontown is currently $199,321.

» Homes for Sale in Jeffersontown


Check out these twins! Their actually both duplex properties. Does that make them quadruplets?

Clifton is a more established, older neighborhood located directly due east from downtown Louisville. It holds a wide variety of homes. Most were built around the turn of the last century but every so often you’ll see a newly built home. Located in MLS Area 3, it’s surrounded by more expensive neighborhoods like Indian Hills. So if you or your expert Realtor are smart, you can find a great investment. Currently, the average sale prices of homes in the Clifton neighborhood is $222,906.

» Homes for Sale in Clifton

Graymoor / Devondale

Wonderful location, beautiful sceneries, close to pretty much everything! That’s Graymoor/Devondale.

Graymoor/Devondale used to be something else. You guessed it. One was the Graymoor neighborhood and the other was the Devondale neighborhood. They felt like it would be better to be together! The average sale price of homes in this awesome neighborhood is $250,876 as of the time of this writing. Of course, it changes daily. Graymoor/Devondale is located in MLS Area 9 and is close to great schools, expressways, and much higher priced homes just down the street.

» Homes for Sale in Graymoor / Devondale


Most agents won’t know which neighborhoods exist in the part of Louisville that we refer to as Middletown. Unless you have the district map, it’s tricky, but there are some great homes if you can find them.

Middletown is a part of Louisville that most people know but can’t completely define the boundaries. It’s centered on Shelbyville Road in between the Watterson Expressway and the Gene Snyder. There are tons of restaurants, shops and access to the highways. This is why it’s also becoming a bit crowded. Located within our MLS Area 8, the average home price is currently $260,109.

» Homes for Sale in Middletown

Douglass Hills

There are traditional 2-story brick homes like this in Douglass Hills. But it also has a good share of ranch homes. Even some contemporary houses if that’s your thing.

Douglass Hills is really a great place. Did you know it had its own little park? And a big pool and tennis courts and playground and the list goes on. Also, I tricked you. It’s not a neighborhood, it’s a tiny city. Homes in Douglass Hills are currently selling for$288,749 on average. Located close to both Middletown and St. Matthews, it’s really a great neighborhood to live in!

» Homes for Sale in Douglass Hills

Saratoga Woods

This larger Cape Cod with it’s cute dormers is exactly the kind of home you can find in Saratoga Woods.

Saratoga Woods is located in our MLS Area 7 just off Taylorsville Road. We’re a bit farther from the city but you have pretty much everything you need nearby with a bit more peace and quiet. You can find a large number of home styles built mostly in the 1990s. The average sale price for a home in this wonderful neighborhood is $297,948.

» Homes for Sale in Saratoga Woods

Brownsboro Farms

There’s lots to love about the stately and reliable 2-story brick traditional home. For one, they’ll never go out of style.

Brownsboro Farms is a wonderful neighborhood in Louisville’s East End. Home to great schools, close proximity to shopping and reasonably priced houses in a beautiful setting. What’s not to love? This best Louisville neighborhood is located in MLS Area 9 just off Brownsboro Road. The average sale price of homes in this neighborhood is currently $310,349.

» Homes for Sale in Brownsboro Farms


This large neighborhood has been built over many years with some new construction as well.

First came the original Glenmary built around a golf course. The course is no more but the neighborhood just keeps growing with names like Glenmary East, Glenmary Village and Glenmary Estates. From patio homes to starter homes, all the way up to larger mid-range properties. Predominantly in MLS Area 7, some portions are also located in Area 6. The average sale price is currently $315,893.

» Homes for Sale in Glenmary

Forest Springs

What an awesome house! The neighborhood began in the mid-90s. That means you’ll find more open concept layouts than in some older developments.

Forest Springs is located off La Grange Road just outside the Gene Snyder Expressway. When it comes to Best Louisville Neighborhoods, there’s a lot to love about this one. After a successful start, they added a large Phase 2, as well as, a Forest Springs North just down the road (see map). There’s a clubhouse with a neighborhood pool and tennis courts. Homes in this wonderful neighborhood run $334,788 in price.

» Homes for Sale in Forest Springs

St. Matthews

These charming homes are smaller and a bit older but St. Matthew’s location can’t be beat.

St. Matthews is located in almost the very center of Jefferson County. That means its central location is in high demand. Taking up a goodly portion of MLS Area 3, St. Matthews boasts not one but two of the city’s premier shopping malls. Pretty much anything you want can be found within a 5-10 minute drive or even walkable distances. Homes in this part of Louisville are currently selling for $338,161.

» Homes for Sale in St. Matthews

Crescent Hill

You’ll find tons of Craftsman homes like this beauty in Crescent Hill.

Just after 1900 housing developments began taking off in Crescent Hill. As the natural progression away from our urban center continued, people were moving out into the suburbs. More than 100 years later, I’d say it feels more urban. You’ll find mature trees and older homes with tons of charm. The current average price of a home in Crescent Hill is $339,584.

» Homes for Sale in Crescent Hill

Polo Fields

There are homes in all the price tiers in Polo Fields. Check out this nice one-and-a-half story brick home with stone accents!

The Polo Fields neighborhood, on the far east portion of Louisville, has all manner of housing options—condos, starter homes, medium priced and even luxury properties! The development broke ground in the early 1990s. Much of it surrounds a beautiful golf course giving amazing views out the home’s rear windows. It’s located in MLS Area 8 and the average home is currently $348,860.

» Homes for Sale in Polo Fields


Hope you enjoyed this first installment of Best Louisville Neighborhoods. Stay tuned because our mid-tier neighborhood article is on deck, so check back often. Until then, have a great day!