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A Louisville relocation specialist knows the best parts of city and can help you more easily find your dream home!

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Are you looking for a Louisville relocation specialist? If so, you've come to the right place!

For those who aren't familiar, I'm going to briefly outline what sets a relocation specialist apart from a standard buyer's agent.

[Note: This does not describe the CRP designation. That coursework can be helpful but often times it is simply required by large relo companies.]

People moving from one city to another, without the requirements of a relo company, generally look for a qualified Realtor on their own. Finding a buyer's agent who's also a relocation specialist gains them confidence that they will experience a smoother transition, not just from one home to another, but to a completely new city.

Benefits of Using a Relocation Specialist

  1. Relocation Specialists are more familiar with all the different types of schools in their city. From public, to private and even home school communities. There are pros and cons with each. A local relocation specialist can help families find the best fit for them.
  2. Relocation Specialists have a better feel for what unique attributes of their city appeal to different people types. What kind of architecture is more common in the North versus the South or even out West. Urban, suburban or rural properties are generally available in most cities but which feels most like home to you helps make the perfect match.
  3. Relocation Specialists work with newcomers to their city and help them get acclimated to their new community. Whether this means helping setup a great moving company or call the local cable provider, the relocation specialist has a better understanding of the process and has resources on hand to solve most any problem.
  4. Relocation Specialists, like myself, have a large portion of their business with actually relocation clients. Realtors who specialize in listing properties may be great agents but they a different skill set from agents who primarily work with buyer's relocating to Louisville.

If you are someone moving to Louisville looking for a top Realtor who's also a relocation specialist, give me a call. My number is (502) 291-7406 and I'm always happy to help!

Realtors Looking to Refer Client

If you are a Realtor (not a company with a program) and you'd like to refer your valued client to a top Louisville agent, I would love to speak with you. I actually give higher referral fees than standard for qualified relocation clients.

Running my business the right way—treating everyone with true respect, completing every promised task, working hard to achieve my client's goals—has helped me grow a successful real estate business here in Louisville. Google "Tre Pryor" and see all of my 5 stars reviews.

Finding Realtors in Other Cities

I can also provide a valuable service for you if you're moving to another city and don't already have a recommended Realtor in mind. By using my networks, I can help you by locating a well-respected agent in whatever U.S. city you plan to choose.

There is no cost to you for this service. Again, I'm always happy to help, even if you just have a couple of questions.

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