Selling Your Louisville Home

When it comes to selling your Louisville home, what's most important to you? Getting your house sold fast at the highest possible price, right?

Internet Promotion Sells Louisville Homes

Traditional methods of selling real estate are out! Today, top Louisville Realtors understand it's all about Internet promotion.

The percentage of homebuyers in America using the Internet to evaluate houses is up to 98%! It's crucial to make the best possible impression to as many prospective buyers as possible with your online listing.

Below, you see a standard listing that is common to everyone. Next to it, is one of my Tre Pryor's Listing Website that I create exclusively for my clients upon request, at no extra charge.

Standard MLS Listing

Standard MLS Listing

Tre Pryor's Listing Website

Tre Pryor's Listing Website

The MLS Listing is just the beginning. In today's world it's all about Internet exposure. We want your home, properly staged, professionally photographed, distributed across as many websites possible! This is what 21st century real estate promotion is all about.

Did I mention that there's no additional charge to my clients?

More Exposure = More Potential Buyers

Now, where will your listing be placed? Some agents merely put it up on their local MLS service, which may or may not be picked up by I go several steps further to give your home as much exposure to potential buyers as possible.

More sites! More exposure! Better sale for you!
Backpage CLRsearch craigslist
Facebook Geebo Google Base
hotpads kijiji
Lycos Classifieds MySpace Classifieds oodle
Overstock Real Estate Trulia
Vast Wal-Mart Zillow
Websites change all the time, so listing syndication does too. No guarantees are made as to which sites are active/non-active at the time of your listing.

Top Realtors Are Responsive To Your Needs

As your Realtor, I promise to:

  • be dedicated to your best interest;
  • always be available to answer any questions you might have;
  • market your home with design expertise that will separate your listing from the competition;
  • promote your property to as many potential buyers as possible via live showings, printed publications, and more than a dozen Internet sites;
  • guide you through the negotiation process so that you will get the best possible price;
  • put you in touch with local, top-notch experts who can help you with related real estate tasks;
  • keep all of your personal information 100% confidential;
  • make sure that all the necessary paperwork is completed and accurate so that your home closing is worry free!

You may also want to know What Is My Louisville Home Worth? before proceeding. I don't blame you and am happy to help!